Double Trouble... Why not have my willing male SLAVE join the session.

 Let him be witness to your bondage and humiliation.

 Explore your boundaries and include him in your fantasy. Use your    imagination and open the door to new possibility.

 Ring or email to find out more or discuss your requirements.

 Don't hesitate just do it !!!

Slave to Lust

 Introductory Offer !!!!

​ Why not treat yourself to a session on the Milking Machine for  only £80 per hour.It will give you the chance to experience the fabulous  sucking sensation of this most erotic piece of kit while Mistress watches over  you... controlling the level of intensity... in complete charge of your pleasure.    Always on the edge but only Mistress can decide how it will end.

 It is ideal for prolonged stimulation. The constant feed of lube and the pulsation  caress you in the most sensual way. 

 Book a session NOW then arrange a longer one at another time after  you discover how much you like it.


Special Offers

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Introducing the Vacbed

Domina Tara 

Spanking Great News
 If you are a CP enthusiast.
 If you like a nice rosy glow.
 Call now to see just what Mistress can do for  you.
  30 Minute Appointments Available
  Naughty Boys DO apply!

A latex vacbed is the ultimate in total latex bondage. 

The sensation is similar to a full body latex hug, with a strong sense of bondage but very little pressure on any single part of the body. The bondage is comfortable, stretchy and you can feel contact, impact, vibration and temperature (ice/warming) through the latex.

Introductory Offer !!!!

Why not book in for a trial session on the Vacbed.

£80 for 30 minutes of restraint. If you like it you may want to extend your session at another time.

Experienced? Then give me a call, or email, and we can arrange a bespoke experience tailored to you.