The Milking Machine

The session is based around an iconic American Milking Machine.

​A constantly lubricated silicone tube is connected to a rhythmic pumping and suction vacuum machine. The tube continually slides up and down the shaft whilst accompanied by a regular sucking sensation. The non-stop flow of lubricant, combined with varying degrees of vacuum suction, means that there is, in theory, no time limit to this erotic experience.

​The sensations of suction & pulsation felt through the wet lubricated rubber liner are quite exceptional.  

Domina Tara 

  Slave Gallery

The Ball-Breaker Boss 

Do you honestly think that your efforts are good enough? Well you will certainly find out at your performance review.

PC Spanker

How on earth are you going to get out of an on-the-spot fine?

Evil Nurse Electra

Her sadistic streak has her barred from medical establishments across the UK

THE HEADMISTRESS - Miss Agatha Crunchballs

Naughty boys are dealt with most sternly. A strict Spankologist capable of extreme punishment!

Please peruse my menu to view the services that I offer. 

I believe I have something for the delectation of willing slaves and subs brave enough to enter my world. 

An audience with DOMINA TARA is an experience to be savoured

I have many personas and perhaps you will be lucky enough to worship my stilettos or caress my feet. Who knows? You may even get to kiss my seamed stockings....

Dorset Dominatrix  -Domination/ BDSM/ Spanking/ Cross Dressing

Become the Slave you were meant to be!


Why not contact me to arrange a pre-paid Skype session. I can then control and dominate you from a distance.

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Of course it hurts, it’s a spanking. How else would it work?” 
― Breanna Hayse, Time Out

The Dorset Dairy

Sessions - I see deep into your desires  

Financial Slavery

Why not worship me with lavish gifts and money. You can spoil, pamper and induldge my whims.

​You can pay my bills.

Do contact to arrange a financial gift.

Please do bring gifts to our session if  you so wish.

I adore ; Orchids, Oriental Lilies and Bonsai Trees.

Roses are always welcome too.

Perfume; Agent Provocateur - Maitresse or Chanel - CoCo

Stockings, of course, sheer and seamed. What could be better?

Footwear - I am a UK size 5.5

My Tribute is £120 per hour and £100 for each extra hour thereafter.

Please note that a first session with a new devotee is for one hour only. It is up to you to prove your suitability for the privilege of extended time.   Tel 07943403035

Call Me!​Tel 07969 433315

  Breath Control
  Chastity Play
  Cross Dressing
  Electrics - 
  Face Slapping and Spitting 
  Foot/Boot/Heel/Leg Worship
  Gasmasks with Connectors
  Hoods & Masks
  Impact/Percussion Play
  Judicial Style Punishment

​  Nipple Play/Stimulation SeriousKit            Milking Machine 
  Puppy Play
  Prolonged Stimulation
  Role Play ... Medical, Nurse, School,      Teacher, Police, Army, Office Boss
  Sensory Deprivation
  Sissy Maid Training
  Tied & Teased

 Wax Play